As a designer of embroidery art I deeply care that embroidery techniques and craftsmanship will be preserved for the future. Since I have embroidered from childhood and professionally already for more than fifteen years, I only noticed that time is a limiting factor in this craft.

Embroideries made by hand, like handwriting, always reveal the soul of the maker. For me it is a deep love for fine traditional embroidery techniques, taught by my mother at a very young age. Over the last couple of years, I become increasingly interested and skilled in other techniques as well, such as Japanese embroidery, Point de Marseille, lace embroidery and bobbin lace.

Embroideries made by hand I combine nowadays together with machine embroideries. To give the machine embroidery an elevated image, I interact with the machine during its process.

I like to think of the machine as an extra set of my own hands, by physically interacting with the machine I have found a unique approach; far faster and I can also work on a much larger scale.

By then adding embroidery by hand to this type of machine embroidery I even add more of my own personality to the design. Furthermore this combination within the work ensures the necessity of preserving the old hand techniques as well as the introduction of innovation and new expressions in embroidery.

Martine van 't Hul Borduur Borduren

Martine van ‘t Hul
0031 (0)6 41120272

2001-2002MA-Fashion Institute, Arnhem, NL
1996-2000BA-ArtEZ Academy of the Arts, Arnhem, NL
1992-1996MTS for Fashion and Apparel, Amsterdam, NL

2021IJ Kunst Collectief, Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam, NL
2020SalonCraft in de Pijp, Amsterdam, NL
2017SalonCraft, Atelier Tempel, Amsterdam, NL
2017Arnhem Coming Soon, Arnhem, NL
2017Baden Baden Interior, Amsterdam, NL
2017IJ Kunst Collectief, New Dakota, Amsterdam, NL
2016Arnhem Coming Soon, Arnhem, NL
2016The Summershow, Nieuw Dakota,NL
2016IJ Kunst Collectief, Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam, NL
2015Museum Bussemakerhuis, Borne, NL
2014Salon/dantel, The Adahan Hotel, Istanbul, TR
2013Meesterlijk, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, NL
2013Textielleeft, De Eikenhof, Meppel, NL
2013Salon/kant, Museum Ons Lieve Heer op Solder, Amsterdam, NL
2013Salone del Mobile, Milan, IT
2012Wintersalon, Museum Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis, Amsterdam, NL
2011Salon/2, Museum Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis, Amsterdam, NL
2011Shanghai Gesture, Museum Willet-Holthuysen, Amsterdam, NL
2011Duologue, Mode Biënnale, Arnhem, NL
2011Wintersalon, Huize Frankendael, Amsterdam, NL
2010Dutch Culture Center Shanghai, World Expo, CN
2007Dutch Fantasy, Institute Neérlandais, Paris, FR
2007Dutch Fantasy, Salon du Prêt Porter, Paris, FR
2006Post CS BG, Amsterdam, NL
2005Maria Luisa Carte Blanche, Paris, FR
2005Dutch Touch, Diana Von Furstenberg Studio, New York, USA
2005Dutch Touch, BETC, Passage du Désir, Paris, FR

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2020Residence, interior magazine, NL, article
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2000Roos Gesink Award, Arnhem, NL
first prize for most talented graduate student

2015Private collection, Utrecht, NL
concept, design and production of tapestry, 120 x 160 cm
2012Hotel Modez, Arnhem, NL
concept, design and production – embroidery hotelroom nr. 8 – commissioned by Piet Paris
2002Björk, singer/ songwriter, New York, USA
couture dress bought for publicity/ photography and concert tour 2003

2021Stimuleringsfonds voor de Creative Industrie, Amsterdam, NL
2020Stimuleringsfonds voor de Creative Industrie, Amsterdam, NL
2016Stimuleringsfonds voor de Creative Industrie, Amsterdam, NL
2009Stipendium Fonds Life, Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam, NL
2004Start Stipendium, Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam, NL
2002Start Stipendium, Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam, NL

Over the years I worked for
Alexander van Slobbe, Amsterdam, NL
BBC, London, UK
Bert Nuhaan Theaterkostuums, Amsterdam, NL
Bugaboo, Amsterdam, NL
Claudia Sträter, Amsterdam, NL
Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, NL
Jottum, Baarn, NL
Koninklijke Ahrend, Amsterdam, NL
Larus Miani, Milan, IT
Nationale Opera & Ballet, Amsterdam, NL
Ronald van der Kemp, Amsterdam, IT/NL
Truike Verdegaal, Amsterdam, NL
Turnover, Amsterdam, NL
Viktor & Rolf, Amsterdam, NL

Paul Berbée (concept & design website)
Theo van Kampen (webconstruction)
Eddo Hartmann (photography)
Satijn Panyigay (photography scarfs, tapestry, portrait)
Jan Willem Kaldenbach (photography Modez Hotel)
De Fotomeisjes (photography Bugaboo)

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